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Dieting Psychology

Often many people get confused between these two terms and consider it as same. But let me tell you, both these terms have a very thin line in between. If you observe carefully, small children just eat before they get full, that means they are just eating for satisfaction. But nowadays the older generation just ignores the signals given by our body and tend to overeat just because of unhealthy and irregular eating habits. So what's the exact difference between hunger and cravings? Here's the thing, when you are truly hungry you feel some kind of never-ending pumping in your stomach and you will just eat anything to relieve yourself from that discomfort. When it comes to cravings, it's more of a psychological need than your physiological need. It means you crave for something and you want to have it in specific. Cravings can be unhealthy at times if you are not strong mentally. Once in a while it's absolutely fine to eat what you crave for, but most important is to get back on track, that's the real key for being consistent. You can just replace those habits with some healthier options and strategies. You can just test yourself by asking a simple question, "Would you eat an apple right now"? If the answer is yes, you are really hungry and if it's No, then my friend, it's a pure craving. So how to get rid of such cravings ? • Don't stay on huge deficits for longer time. • Just distract yourself with certain activities at that point. • You can have water or some drinks. • Plan your meals which will eliminate the factor of uncertainty. • Try to reduce your stress levels, according to research mild stressors can induce hyperphagia (excessive eating) • Have enough sleep, because good sleep = good energy levels = positive mindset throughout the day. So how you manage your cravings? 😜

Omkar Kamthe

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