Frida Valtonsson

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Humans are meant to move

HEY guys! I want to share an article about MOVEMENT! Most people know that physical activity is good (which it is, great!) but many believe that in order to get a healthy and strong body we need to exercise. And for the majority exercise means smashing multiply reps in the gym or killing ourselves in a cardio session and for so many people this isn’t sustainable.. But there is exercise and there is movement. The difference?

Exercise is optional but movement is essential! I want to share an article that explains the importance of movement and how it is taken away from the modern human since we today have the “luxury” to choose not to walk, run, jump or climb because everything is accessible and we are not forced to move. The result by not moving is a disconnection between our mind and body. Do we really want that? Our body is working hard to keep us alive all day, every day. And what do we give it in reward? Sitting all day and feed it with crappy food? By doing so we break ourselves down and we consciously makes it harder for our own body to keep us alive. Exercise is a modern invention but movement is ancient and the human body is designed for it! Not saying you shouldn't exercise, I am a big fan of it myself! But don’t set to hard goals for yourself, you don’t have to train like a bodybuilder or run like a marathon runner, you just have to move! 😊 But most important, do what makes you happy! 💛
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