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how warm up before workout can help

Exercise Science
How Warm-up Before workout can help?

==================================== >>One of the major benefits of warm-up before workout is increase in body temperature-The temperature of blood increases as it travels through the muscles. As blood temperature rises, the binding of oxygen to hemoglobin weakens so oxygen is more readily available to working muscles, which MIGHT improve endurance a bit >> Motor skills improve at higher temperatures because nerve impulses travel faster. Sports and activities which engage coordination, reaction time and agility require a thermal warm-up. >> Improve Efficient Cooling - By activating the heat-dissipation mechanisms in the body (efficient sweating) an athlete can cool efficiently and help prevent overheating early in the event or race. >> Mental Preparation - The warm-up is also a good time to mentally prepare for an event by clearing the mind, increasing focus, reviewing skills and strategy. Positive imagery can also relax the athlete and build concentration.


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