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How to take small steps to ace your fitness routine?

⭕ Let's accept this. Nobody was a born professional. We all have to start somewhere. We all fail in our own respective journeys and that is absolutely human. I think, a journey should be both, a compilation of your success and failed moments. We all just don't want to rely on glory alone, it would be too boring.

⭕ Take small tiny steps. One day at a time. Don't aim for a year, aim for one single day, accomplish the tasks and then concentrate on Day 2. Instead of planning to workout for an entire week, prioritize to workout 3-4 days. Once you ace it, follow the routine for 2 more days and boom. Week 1 task shall be accomplished. ⭕ Many a times, we fail on our diet. We all go off the track. But getting back to it, is very important. We all hit a rock bottom, but what matters is how you come back and annihilate. There may be many reasons for it. How would you feel to plough a ground and not plant a seed? It's a mental battle here. Prioritize. Start with it slowly and steadily. Food is nothing but a fuel for you to perform. If you know what you want, you will make it a point to hit the bulls eye. Try to complete your daily calories every single day. Over a period of time, this action will turn into a habit. Thus, resulting into a lifestyle. You know how much to eat. You know your exercises. What are you waiting for? One single day at a time, go smash it.🔥

Manoj Kulkarni

awesome thoughts..thanks

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