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How to stay motivated on your own?

Sometimes its the neighbor, Sometimes it's your parents, Mostly it's your friends, Sometimes your kitty party friends, and sometimes its even you, who tend to say/mention things that can demotivate you or are enough to push you off track when everything is going alright.

There are a few things that you can do to keep you on track and self-motivated despite the effort of your 'pados wali aunty'. Extrinsic motivation is just 10%, Intrinsic motivation/Self-motivation is what you are looking for. . 1. Write down your everyday tasks - That’s right! Simply noting down your next day’s task on a piece of paper can help you complete most of them on time without delay. Make a notebook for your daily tasks and just write them down. . 2. Visualize your goals - If you have a dream to get 6 packs then constantly visualize yourself with 6 packs. Just THINK! How would you look taking off your shirt on the beach of goa with those 6 packs (Of course if and when the quarantine is over)? Visualizing will not only help you to push yourself to achieve your goals but might also help you to set new ones. . 3. Find your accountability partner - Remember your PT teacher from school? who used to slap or beat you with a stick if you don't behave properly? Find someone like that. Not someone who'd hit you, no! but someone who'd hold you accountable for the mistakes that you'd do and appreciates you for your hard work and efforts. Someone who knows the right thing for you and someone who can remind you of what you are and what you are capable of. . 4. Don't sweat the small things - Yep, No need! Just avoid the things that you can't control. Don't be upset about them. Just like quarantine and coronavirus! Move on and prove what you can do with what you have. . 5. Reward yourself - Perhaps the most important of them all. It's good you have a bigger picture and an end goal in mind but you need to set mini goals along with that so that you can celebrate and reward yourself when you achieve them. Don't hesitate, You've earned it! . Motivation is by choice, not by chance! . Cheers! 👍 #fitnessmotivation #mondaymotivation #motivation #motivationmonday #fitness #workout #dietitian #diet #nutritioncoach #onlinecoach #training #fatloss #evidencebased #fittrwithyash


What an inspirational article? Thanks for positive motivation 👍👍 Cheers

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