How to start your fitness journey

Debesh kuanr

 | 1 minute to read
We come across the fitness journey and success stories of many people across different platforms and think we would also start someday. But somehow that thought vanishes in time. Dependencies, lack of motivation, lack of time, priorities, etc., etc. just keep hindering the process. But fitness is not a thing that will start one day and end some other day, it’s a continuous process. Let’s have a look at how this puzzle can be solved and quick action can be taken.

1. Define your goals You should know why you are doing it. Of course, a fit body will be physically, mentally, and socially healthy. But you should know what major outcomes you are looking for. Some examples could be, strength gain, fat loss, muscle gain, lifestyle change, look good, have a beach body, mark a social impression…. It could be anything that matters to you. 2. Know yourself, know your body. Many people start copying plans that have worked for others, but that may not necessarily work for you. Hence, first try to understand your schedule, your environment, and where you stand at present. Then only a realistic plan can be designed that will be more sustainable and enjoyable to follow. 3. Understand the basics of nutrition and exercise. Either design the plan yourself or get it designed by an expert. But do understand how the basics work. It will help you trust the process and stay aligned. 4. Take out time for exercise Yes, you must spare some time for exercising. This session can be different depending on your goals. For example, the exercise for a bodybuilder will be different from that of a marathon runner and that will be different for a normal human being who wants to stay healthy. And choose a time which you can continue with regularly. 5. Stick to the plan There are hundreds of diets floating around online. Don’t fall prey to any random plan and stick to the basics of nutrition and create a balanced diet (protein, fat, carbs, fiber, vitamins, etc.) as per the food you prefer to eat. Try to stick to homemade and whole-food, so that you would know what you are eating. [Cooking can be very simple, stay tuned, more tips will be shared] Similarly, stick to a workout routine and give it enough time to see results. 6. Prepare in advance The importance of planning can’t be ignored at all. You could be traveling somewhere, you could be staying home and having guests, or you could be working for long hours. Planning will give you the edge to optimize your timing and you will stick to the plan easily. 7. Stay motivated, be patient Patience is the key. No kingdom was built overnight. Understand the process, trust yourself, keep putting in the effort and stay patient. Results will come gradually. If the previous points are taken care of, this part will automatically follow.
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