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How to set up your own Gym at Home!

Fitness Gadgets & Tools
by Praveen Budhrani

With the majority of 2020 gripped under the pandemic and the consequent shut down on gyms, many people may have fallen short of their fitness goals for the year. This definitely makes it a good idea to invest in building a home gym. When it comes to achieving fitness goals, it is not compulsory to have a whole set up of the gym which is akin to commercial gyms. One can very well achieve their fat loss and maintain muscle mass, if they have multi-coloured resistance bands or a pair of adjustable dumbbells and know how to use their body weight smartly as resistance. However, when it comes to getting stronger and gaining more muscle mass, it will be very wise to invest in a home gym setup which is reasonably good as a commercial gym and can target every major muscle effectively. If one has a sufficient space at home and a budget of around 60-70k. The probable recommendation for a good basic setup can be Adjustable Bench Squat rack/Power Cage (make sure it has safety bars) 7 feet Olympic rod – (16-20 kg.) Rubber Plates [ around 150 kg-It will be depending upon how heavy you lift usually] One pair of 20 kg adjustable dumbbells [ it will work well for most of the people] 8-10 Rubber Mats[10-15mm thickness, 3 X 3 feet tiles ] Advantages of setting up a home gym: You get to choose when, where and how to work out —you never have to wait for machines and equipment. It is much more hygienic. With regular cleaning and some sanitisation, your home gym is likely to be completely free of germs. You get to choose your own playlist. Bring out those speakers and play whatever you want to, without having to listen to songs that creep you out. You can split workouts as per your convenience. Taking workout selfies and videos without photobombers! How many have already set up a home gym? Be generous with some advice for those who are contemplating it!
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