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Often I have seen many people getting tensed about the fact that how can they start their diet and workouts after a long break. Life is unpredictable and unexpected things are ought to happen anytime which can take you away from your routine. I know it becomes difficult to get back to that old routine all of sudden after a long break, so first, analyze what took you off track? Was it a vacation or was it any medical condition ? was it any financial or personal issue? But yes, if you really want it that bad you need to get back on track. There are various reasons why people are afraid to take that first step after a long break. Some are just planning to start the next day but that day never comes in their calendars, some, on the other hand, are yet enjoying in their vacation mode, some are afraid of that soreness which will come after their initial workout sessions, and so on. So let's talk about how can we take that first step and resume your Nutrition and workouts after any kind of long breaks. 1. START SLOW - You don't need to start and rush back to your schedule as it was a few weeks ago, it's anyways not going to happen, Start slowly. Eg. If you were someone who used to hit the gym for 6 days a week, start with a frequency of 3-4 days initially and once your body gets adapted to the routine you can gradually increase the number of days. 2. RIGHT APPROACH Just because you were on vacation and you ate a lot of unhealthy stuff don't plan to starve yourself with wrong approaches for next days like detox juices, undereating with salads or skipping meals. Get back to your previous Nutrition plan and try to stick to it. 3. NEGATIVE MINDSET. Don't be negative by constantly worrying about the fact that you failed for past weeks because of any particular reason. Skipping the gym, eating out of the nutrition plans is absolutely fine, what matters is getting back on track. So forgive yourself and always remember it's never too late to change. 4. MAKE A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT Be ready with all the nutritional healthy food items at your place, gym clothing and make your environment as it was before when you started your fitness journey. You remember riding a bike or a bicycle ? How many times did you fall off before learning? Even after learning there might have been some blunders while riding. Yes, that's natural, what matters is getting back on track once you realize. So how do you guys manage to handle your Workouts and Nutrition after a long long break? 😉 Keep grinding #Onelifebaby

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thnku sir ..most needed 🙏

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