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How to Overcome Fat Loss Plateau?

Dieting Psychology
We lose when we eat lesser Calories than what our body spends.

If we have hit plateau, it means we aren’t burning more than our Consumption- either due to under estimating Calorie consumption or low physical activity Add more activities and not just during workout hours but during the day- walk, take stairs etc. Increase Non Exercise Activity . Consume Lesser Calories But there is a point beyond which neither increasing activity and lowering Calories will help nor it is feasible. Rather it will take your metabolism further down. At this point, STOP LOOKING FOR FAT LOSS and work on adding few Calories to your TDEE( maintenance Calories) every 10-14 days without gaining much weight. A slight gain is ok.You need to adapt to higher Calories. Do this atleast for 1-2 months. Yes, there is no other alternative to this. Just cutting Calories will get you temporary results and everything might just bounce back. Continue with PROGRESSIVE strength training to add muscles. More muscle mass would lead to increase in metabolic rate
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