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How to overcome cravings?

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How to overcome cravings?

============================= One of the most common reasons for not following a diet is 'cravings ', it can be for sweet food or even any salty food. You try to resist your favorite food but still end up of eating it. So let's discuss how to overcome it - 1. A lot of times when your diet is too restrictive and exclusive, your cravings go up drastically. I am not saying to include junk in your diet but you should at least include your staple food so that the chances If following the plans increases. Basically better adherence - lesser cravings 2. Secondly, eat enough food, when you are hungry even after completing all your food in the diet then there high chances of cheating with junk food as cravings increases when you are hungry, include a good amount of green veggies 3. Thirdly, it's also related to hunger, sometimes we take thirst as a signal of being hungry. Drink enough amount of water throughout the day. 4. Be clear about your fitness goals and make a roadmap for that. So even if you crave for some food then make yourself realize that your goals are bigger than some seconds of pleasing your taste buds. 5. Don't keep food in your home that you crave a lot 6. Sometimes we eat (outside the diet) out of boredom, keep yourself occupied

Aarti Duggal Kapoor

so me. I cnt control my cravings n dn I end up in guilt

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