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Travelling is a part of our routine be it planned or unplanned. Often clients keep asking about how do they manage their nutrition and workouts while traveling. Let's understand some Nutrition and Workout tips which will help you to balance your Fitness whenever you travel. Nutrition tips: 1. Whenever you travel, you don't have access to quantified nutrition and obviously, you cannot carry weighing scale everywhere so just try to eat in approximations. Till now, you are aware of the quantities how much they look like, Eg. After following a diet from past days you know how 50 grams uncooked rice looks after cooking. So go with the approximations. 2. Try to fulfill your protein requirements for the day. High Protein meals will help you to enhance your satiety levels. 3. Try to use some readily available food sources which will help you to keep on track. Eg. Almonds, walnuts, whey proteins, protein bars, bread, cheese slices, fruits, etc. So here you can substitute rice with breads which will save your cooking time and help you to understand the exact calories you are consuming for the day. 4. You can also do Intermittent fasting (IF) which will save some extra calories. Skipping breakfast can allow you to have some extra Calories in your lunch and dinner. Let's see some workout tips: Always understand, workouts can be managed anywhere-anytime, you just need that urge to do it. 1. Perform some bodyweight exercises like Squats, pushups, lunges, burpees, some core exercise, planks, crunches, etc. 2. Many a time on vacation you tend to move more, that's a good sign which will help to increase your TDEE ( total daily energy expenditure ) and burn some extra calories. 3. You can use some basic available things like using a plastic bottle filled with water as a dumbbell can help you to do some additional exercise. 4. Maximum hotels have gyms, so if you want to have that real pump, you can visit your hotel gyms or local gyms. However, you are not going to lose all your strength if you aren't able to exercise at the gym for some days. So the bottom line is, Enjoy your vacations and don't stress out over your progress. Make the memories worth it. Have smart choices, think out of the box and have that urge to stay fit wherever you go, just get back on track once you back, that's called as a lifestyle. So how do you manage your fitness while traveling?๐Ÿ˜œ

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Now this article gave me all the answers ! Thank you for sharing this Omkar :)

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