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How to manage your stress - 10 ways that work

Sleep & Stress
● Be assertive – Assert your feelings. Let people know exactly how you feel.

● Learn and practice techniques that relax you such as meditation , yoga etc. ● Exercise and Diet – Dopamine also known as the happy hormone is a great stressbuster. It is released when we exercise. Don’t feel like working out - those are the days when you should definitely work out! Keep your diet well-balanced and don’t miss out on micronutrients. You have to stay fit physically and mentally .Avoid junk and calorie-dense food as much as possible. ● Time management – Set a routine for yourself and stick to it, no matter what! ● Make time for the things you love – Sometimes we forget to do the things we love and shift everything to the weekends. Try and find some time every single day for the things you like to do. ● Sleep and get enough rest – Our body needs time to recover. Make sure you get some good sleep and rest at the end of the day so that you can start a fresh tomorrow. ● Never rely on alcohol or drugs – These things don’t really reduce stress and only give some temporary relaxation. They are very addictive too and come with several side-effects. ● Spend time with friends and family - Share your thoughts and feelings with them. Ask them how their day went. ● Adequate Vitamin D is very important to keep your stress levels low. Make sure you’re getting adequate vitamin D from your diet or through supplements. ● Last but not the least - Keep a positive attitude These few would definitely help us ! Try and do implement it . References



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