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How to manage your diet while traveling πŸš“πŸš—πŸš–πŸš˜

To reach a fitness goal, you need to follow your diet. During the period when you are on your diet, It becomes really difficult to hang out with your friends or go for a vacation. People will say things that can distract you from reaching your goals. For example, β€œ1-2 bite won't screw your diet”, β€œEat today and get back to your diet from tomorrow”, β€œenjoy life, dieting will waste your time” etc, etc.

The truth is that there will always be fiction when you try to improve any area of your life in the form of people or your own thoughts. But you must do what you are supposed to do. A healthy and fit you will be a better and efficient human. Why you should exercise and follow your diet? *You will have more energy to perform any activity *You will have better immunity and will stay away from getting caught by diseases. *You will start looking better in the clothes you wear *Your self-esteem will get better *You can enjoy life to the fullest with improved health and better energy How to manage the diet while traveling? *Try to consume the same amount of calories as allocated in your diet. Track your calorie intake via FITTR, MyFitnessPal or any calorie tracking app. *Try portion control. You can also consume things which are easier to track like bread, cheese slice, idli, etc *Carry healthy snacks with you like whey powder, protein bars, nuts, fruits. *If you have planned a big feast in the night, try to consume fewer calories in the day time so that it balances out *Stay active. Move more. You gonna burn extra calories. *Don't indulge in every meal. You are vacating, it's fine to have 1 piece of cake but don't keep on including in every meal of yours. Balance things out *Try to add protein and fiber to most of your meals. It's gonna keep you full for a longer time. *Avoid empty calories like coke, chips etc which will not make you full but you will be out of your calorie range *Stay Hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you. *Last but not the least, get back on track.

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Thanks for the article. It motivates a lot.

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