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How to manage your diet during the wedding season?

Dieting Psychology
⭕ With all the weddings coming up in this season, we often struggle to stick to the diet, and binge. After all it's your best friend's wedding. How can you not eat Dahi Kachori and Rabdi Jalebi. Your dear sister has already warned you not to diet during the whole 8 days of the wedding season from Haldi to Reception. How dare you not turn the wedding season into a junk fest? Ah, the catering guys hecked and decked up in a waistcoat, who come to the baarati's to feed them starters, will catch hold of you and feed you with Dum Aloo Tikki, if you refrain. 

⭕ We all go through it. I am not going to use the word 'diet' here. I'll be replacing it with clean eating. How can you resist Malai Kofta, Basundi and Gulab Jamun and that too with the long lost friends? Pictures will be clicked from one of the best smartphones available in the market and will be Instagramed too. If you don't eat all that, how will the society accept you? Do you even have a social life? Yes, you do. ⭕ Food for thought : Food is not the only reason to enjoy your social life. Be with them, get your pictures clicked, get the HDR mode on and effing Instagram it. Show off your new shoes from Roush, look elegant in your Anarkali's and ace your wedding look. Remember, you are eating clean, to get into the best shape of your life. Why to go overboard and kill your progress which you are making since the day you started. If you are in a caloric deficit and making great progress, why do you want to hog on to Kulfi Falooda which will take you 3-4 days on a backfoot. Why? Excessive calories. Think. ⭕ What to eat ? This is the biggest question which everyone has in their minds. If you are eating clean since the last 4 weeks, then now you must've known how much your 200gms Paneer/Chicken looks like and how much is your 50-80gms of cooked rice looks like. Eat accordingly. Of course they won't be cooking it in the best of Ghee/butter/coconut oil/olive oil etc, so  don't go overboard and make your system a junkyard. That day, you can replace your food items of your clean eating routine with the available food at the wedding. If not, then stick to salads. Get the whole plate, sit in a corner and finish it off.  ⭕ Plan early. You already know the wedding date and time. Eat most of your calories before hand so that you have a very less chance of being hungry at the wedding. And if you still do, then stick to a guestimated portion size of Chicken/Paneer and Rice. (as per your macros) ⭕ Don't just put anything in your mouth. You are not a kid. Be responsible. Remember, the next morning is your session with weights. I am sure you don't want to look bloated by eating excessive carbs. So marinate your friend in the turmeric and dance the hell out as if there's no tomorrow. Why? Because, calorie expenditure. ⭕ Compliments make you happy : If you are eating clean from quite a while, and when people see you at the wedding in a new avatar, your hunger supresses. Why? Because, 'Ayesha, you are looking absolutely beautiful and seems that you have lost a lot of weight', will happen. Yes, accept them with grace. Who doesn't likes to be complimented. Don't get carried away and play dirty with carbs. If they ask you about your fitness regime(which they will definitely do), tell them very politely about your training and nutrition routine, in detail. Who knows, you might inspire someone, unknowingly.  ⭕ It's only a day. If you can manage for weeks, why to give up to chocolate mousse and slow your progress? We are doing it for the betterment and longevity. Love your dream. Inspire. Be unstoppable.  ⭕ Also, your taste buds will thank you for the Russian Salad.

Pranjali Kaswa

Well written! However, what do you do when it's your own wedding? Usually to be bride and to be groom are invited for lunch/ dinner before the actual wedding happens. Also, sweets have high importance in all pujas especially happening during wedding. It becomes difficult to say no and almost impossible when you are the bride.

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