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How to manage Protein during Navratri

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So that time of the year is here when festive spirit sets in with the onset of Navratri. A festival marked with 9 days of fasting (or feasting for the majority) and Garbha (Dandiya). Now for the fitness enthusiasts, one big question remains, how to manage protein during this season as the majority of people converts themselves to Vegetrains during these 9 days and fasting allow for only few food items to filter in. So let me help you in identifying Protein Sources which you can choose during these 9 days:

Paneer (Cottage Cheese): 100 gm of Paneer contains almost 225 calories with 16 gm of Protein and 18 gm of fat. So its a good source of Protein and Fat both. Tofu: 100 gm of Tofu contains just 85 calories with 8 gm Protein and 5 gm fat Making it a very good protein source Soya Chunks: 100 gm of Soya Chunks contains 292 calories out of which protein is around 50 gm and 20 gm carbs. Soya is known to be a complete source of protein. Whey Protein: A scoop of whey protein will give you almost 24-25 gm of protein Almonds: 100 gm of almonds contains 565 calories with 21 gm protein, 50 gm of fat, 10 gm of carbs making it another good source of protein and fats Peanuts: 100 gm of peanuts contains 567 calories with 25 gm protein, 50 gm of fat, 16 gm of carbs making it a good source of protein and fats. No wonder peanuts are nicknamed as "Almonds of poor", it has almost the same macros as almonds. Also, Milk, Curd, Greek Yogurt, Seeds (Chia, Pumpkin etc) can be included in the diet to achieve your daily protein intake. Along with Garbha don't forget to include lifting session during these days. Let the Garbha be a cherry on the top! Wishing you all a very Happy Navratri, Enjoy and Be fitter!

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