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How to make this lockdown productive

So after posting many home workouts I believe it helped you with incorporating some home workouts at least in your lockdown as I have given many options which you can do with basic equipments like some Dumbbells or even body weighted. Do let me know if you have any questions which can help you perform any workout.

Now, apart from just adding some workouts in the day it’s important you follow a routine during this lockdown. Such as getting up on time in the mornings not too late as you don’t have to go to office or anywhere. Do some yoga, meditation or kriya if you follow any specific one. Personally, I do Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya. Then sit at a fix workspace in your home which should be different from your bedroom or living room. You can do some productive work at that work space related to your work or may be read a book or write something of your interest. Then do your workouts at a suitable time of the day when you feel more efficient so that you can perform it well. Spend time with your family, kids or some some phone calls to your friends. Avoid watching too much of news & whatsapp related to Corona negativity. Make small goals and start working towards it such as learning a skill - playing guitar, improve something in workouts which is your weaker part or may be learn cooking. This will help you feel a sense of accomplishment that you learnt something new. I have shared some of the things I am doing you can also share something in comments which can help others during this pandemic situations. #lockdown #makeitproductive #postivity #work #homeworkouts #learnaskill #followaroutine #yoga #kriya #learanewskill #workspace #smallgoals #motivateeachother #letsfightthistogether #fitnesscoach #fittrcoach


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