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How to lose weight??? (Google Search)

Usually after a google search the situation is as what the image depicts.

Ideally the effective way to set your goal is to use the SMART principles S- Specific: A specific goal that clearly defines your intention and your action to accomplish it. M- Measurable: It has to be measurable like 10 kg weight loss in 3 months or reducing to 15% body fat in 12 weeks. It cannot be I want to lose weight, look better or want six pack abs. A-Attainable: Goals should be a right mix it should be challenging yet attainable, but not extreme. You should know your current fitness levels. Too easy goals will not make you reach your goals. R- Realistic: A goal is realistic only if you believe its achievable. You have to check if you have ever achieved these goals if yes, under what conditions or situations and are you willing to challenge yourself again. T- Timely: Have a date of accomplishment which should be realistic and not too distant.

Steven De Nazareth

10 kgs in 3 months is a bit much

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