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How to lose fat from a particular body part? 🤔🤔

Often clients keep asking how can I reduce my belly fat, arms fat, love handles, man boobs, etc. Here's the thing, Spot reduction is totally a myth, You need to reduce your overall body fat to get rid of a particular body part. No amount of crunches or situps will get the job done. In fact there is no way to target any specific area of fat on your body. All you need to focus is on these 4 things mentioned below : 1. Quantified nutrition. You need to follow a proper structured quantified calorie deficit diet. Include nutrient-dense, healthy food which will help you to keep full for a longer time, making it easier to create a calorie deficit which is the key for the entire fat burning process. 2. Calorie deficit. The basic simple rule for losing fat is to be in a calorie deficit diet( expending more amount of energy than you are eating.) Remember you aren't able to tell your body where to lose fat first. You might start losing fat on your lower back, hips, legs, thighs before you start to lose fat on your stomach. 3. Lifting weights. Weight training is very much important as it will help you to build muscle, which is going to, therefore, decrease your overall body fat percentage as well as assist you in burning more calories from a metabolic point of view. 4. Patience. Patience and consistency is the key to any fat loss program. Because we cannot specifically target fat loss, you must be patient. You should know that this takes time. You may lose fat from other areas first, but eventually, it can take time to reduce your belly fat. The real recipe for fat loss is 100 % consistency 100 % patience 100 % dedication and you can achieve all your goals. Stay fit, Stay happy! 💪😎

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