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How to lose 20 kgs in a week!

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So, let me begin by telling you what this article is NOT about? Definitely not about ‘How to lose 20 kgs!’ That was just to grab some eyeballs! Off late, I receive messages like I am not motivated enough etc. etc.!! Yes, I do understand that external motivation is temporary but hey that’s how every other thing is! I remember when I was a beginner, I had buddies (workout partners) who motivated me when I was down, taught me form and technique, made 6 AM workouts interesting and also loaded me with few myths (although later shattered) Anyways the take away is ‘How workout partners’ helped me in my initial days of highs and lows( Being valentines week let’s discuss on ‘How a workout partner can help you reach your fitness goals’ and ‘How to choose one wisely’. Well let’s begin with how do you select a workout partner, below pointers can help! *LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE* Yes, this is important because you don’t want to pair up with an advanced lifter while you are at a beginner or intermediate level! Most of your time and energy will be spent loading/unloading barbell Find a buddy who is at a similar experience level or slightly higher to drive competition and push you to work that extra bit harder! Healthy competition you see *SIMILAR GOALS* Understand that your workout will depend largely on the goals you want to achieve! You cannot pair up with someone who is looking to build endurance for a marathon while you are working on strength gains, well opposites don’t attract here! Pair up with someone having similar goals so that your workouts are as close as possible *MUTUAL SUPPORT* As humans there will be times when you will find things tough and this is where your partner pitches in! Find a buddy who will call you and force you to join even on your low days! Let it be mutual since there will be times when the other fellow is down and you need to cheer him/her! I remember my buddies used to message/call me and yell ‘Yeah Buddy, light weight’ Ronnie Coleman style! A flip side here is one person shouldn’t drain the other, needing too much support Now let’s discuss the second part of story! ‘How a workout partner can help you reach your fitness goals’ *WORKOUTS WILL BE FUN* Imagine your BFF as your workout buddy, aint it fun! Now imagine a spouse who always complains of ‘together time’. You can find common workout activity you both enjoy and do it together This way you spend quality time while helping each other! In fact research has proven that couple working out together have healthier relationships and have higher chances of achieving goals *WORKOUT HARDER* Imagine pushing 2 reps more when your tank is already empty!! Imagine someone patting your back when you are about to lift your one rep max! Its human psychology that when someone performs better, you tend to give in your best shot. In short you exceed your limits and get the best out of your workout! Flip side here is to be careful not to Ego lift! *SPOTTER ALWAYS* You are always backed by a spotter, so less injuries! You don’t have to be dependent on trainers any more and that’s money saved (Assuming you have some training experience and willing to learn) Well the flip side here is your buddy cannot help you during heavier lifts! It has to be done under expert supervision always *HEALTHIER COMMUNITY* You are directly contributing towards a healthier community! Studies show that when you’re surrounded by people who are active and eat well, there’s a good chance you’re going to do the same When you’re just dragging yourself to the gym in the morning or after work, it’s easy to talk yourself out of it and this is where your partner in crime plays a role! Again the above pointers are for newbies who find it difficult to stay on track! Once you start seeing results and understand the magic of workouts you need absolutely NO push! Spread the love for fitness, tag your partner in crime! Happy Valentines!
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