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How to know you are gaining muscle

How to know you are gaining muscle ?

============================== Gaining muscle mass is one of the toughest tasks and sometimes it becomes even more difficult to track that you are really gaining muscle mass or fat So what would be the best way -inches ? Weight? Pictures ? BCA? The answer is all of them, they all give you some indications and when you combine all these iindications,you can get a clear idea about it . Track everything- be it your food intake, body stats or even workout volume. Strength gain is another such indication, it's not like that you can not gain strength in maintenance or little deficit but they are more evident when you are following a calorie surplus diet and gaining muscle mass. One mistake most of the people do is they expect changes every week but the matter of fact is gaining muscle mass is an even slower process than losing fat. Track regularly but don't get demotivated by seeing any change Let me know in upcoming days which topics I should cover Cheers!!

Sowmya Ramachandraiah

Is it compulsion to be in surplus to gain muscle or if a person in little deficit can gain muscle???

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