Aditya Mahajan

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How to keep the weight off post your transformation?


Here in the group, we see hundreds of inspirational transformation stories being posted daily but the question is: what happens a year, two years or several years down the road? Well, it is no secret that, after losing weight, people have a tough time keeping it off. If you look at clinical trials of long-term weight loss maintenance, the numbers don't look good either. A study found that 5 years after a successfull transformation, people only maintain 3% of weight loss. So how to keep the weight off post your transformation? Well, it all comes to bringing change in your lifestyle and behavior. If you want long-term weight loss, you need long-term change-a lifestyle change. It’s important to understand that if you get back to your previous eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle, there is absolutely no reason why you won’t go back to unhealthy you that you were before transforming. A lifestyle change is a must and changing lifelong habits takes time and requires learning a variety of new skills and habits, something that doesn't happen overnight. You have to learn how to exercise: What you enjoy, how much you can handle, how to fit it into your schedule and how to stay motivated on a daily basis. You have to learn how to make your exercise habit stick. You also have to learn how to eat - How to monitor your portions, how to keep yourself well hydrated, how to avoid emotional eating and how many calories and protein you need. Aside from exercise and eating, there are other issues you may have to deal that contribute to weight gain such as stress and lack of sleep. Most importantly, the question is when you stumble off the path…which will happen…will you and how quickly can you get back on to the path?
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