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Dieting Psychology
- Dr. Sushma Pachouri

The human body is made up of 80% of water. Water is one of the most important resources on Earth, and without water, we cannot imagine life at all. It is a calorie free drink, which is the lifeline of the universe. It is an essential component for the effective functioning of our body. Water helps in maintaining the internal environment of the body by the process of homeostasis. It helps in removing unwanted toxins from the body by the process of perspiration and urination. Lack of water may cause constipation, asthma, allergies, and lots of other skin diseases. Every day, our body is losing water during the processes of perspiration, respiration, and excretion, so it is very important to drink plenty of water to keep your system healthy. “Help, I’m not able to drink any more water!” When you drink less water, the brain takes it as a threat to survival, and starts storing more and more water, something which is manifested in the form of swollen legs, feet, and hands. Hydration, therefore, is a health mandate! However, as a nutritionist, I see so many people saying that they are not able to drink any more water or are hardly drinking three glasses of water in the whole day! If you are one of those, here are few tips which can help you increase your water intake – 1. Carry your water bottle - Always try to carry your water bottle whenever you are going out somewhere, this will remind you to complete your water intake. 2. Water before meals - Make a habit of drinking at least 1 glass of water before your meals – this is a small trick that will also prevent you from over eating! 3. Water after bathroom break - Make a habit of drinking water every time you go take that restroom break, so you’re restocking your water stores. 4. Water app tracker - Technology today, can make anything possible! You can track your water intake with the help of so many free apps out there; in these apps, you can also set alarms or reminders for tracking your water intake. 5. Eat water rich food - Add fruits and vegetables with high water content like cucumber, zucchini, water melon etc., to your diet, and see the difference. 6. Add flavour to your water - Add lemon, cucumber, ginger, and a few mint leaves to make your water intake a more refreshing and exciting one. 7. Increase the consumption of other beverages like green tea, lemonade, sparkling water etc. Indirectly, these add to the amount of water consumed a day. 8. Encourage every family member to get into the habit of drinking more water together. Maybe you can have a whole set of colour coded bottles for each member of the family, and have mini water drinking contests! 9. Dilute juices - another method of increasing your water intake is by adding extra water to your glass of smoothie or juice. This will help you to reduce your calories and boost your water intake. 10. Last but not the least, water can help you lose fat, prevents ageing, keeps your digestive system healthy, and keeps your skin glowing! So, if you want all these benefits, then make it a point to keep drinking plenty of water. NOTE: THE EXACT WATER INTAKE VARIES FROM PERSON TO PERSON, DEPENDING UPON THEIR AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, MEDICAL CONDITIONS. AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LEVELS. So, keep yourself Hydrated and Enjoy the Summers!

rachit kasera

Hi, I am mostly at home and during day I don't do a lot of activities. It is mostly sitting. If I drink a lot of water, my frequency of restroom breaks increases. What can be done to fix it?

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