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How to increase your calorie expenditure?

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How to increase your calorie expenditure ?

=============================== TDEE or total daily energy expenditure is the amount of calories you burn in a day or you can the amount of calories you need to maintain your weight. High TDEE can be pretty useful when you are trying to lose weight and that too if your appetite is on a higher side as you can eat comparatively higher amount of food There are four components of TDEE and let's understand them and how to increase them - 1. BMR- Basal metabolic rate is the biggest component of TDEE, these are calories you need at even complete rest. Despite being the biggest component, we don't have much scope to increase in a short period especially while losing. 2. TEF - thermic effect of food can contribute up to 25 percent of TDEE. These are the calories that you burn in the processing and storage of food you eat . Protein have that highest TEF but it also depends on high lean you are and even combined meals can have TEF than protein alone in some scenarios. The bottom line would be to have enough protein in the diet 3. EAT - The calories you burn through exercise, you should involve REGULARLY in any kind of physical activity to increase your calorie expenditure 4. NEAT - Nonexercise activity thermogenesis, these are the calories you burn in a nonexercise activity like doing household works . Here you have the maximum scope to increase calories by remaining active throughout the day. It can be something like taking stairs instead of the lift , doing housework yourself, walking /cycling to the office ( well, this is good for the environment also ) even standing at work instead of sitting.

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so outdoor games comes in which category EAT or NEAT... should we play sport like badminton while doing strength training too

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