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How to increase calorie burn during a strength-training workout?

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The main objective of strength training isn't burning calories but to increase muscle mass, muscle strength and improving functionality. For the same training duration, strength training doesn't burn as many calories as cardio does. But, if someone wants to increase calorie expenditure through strength training while improving their body composition, here are a few ways: Include more compound exercises: multiple joint exercises involve more muscles than single-joint and hence help burn more calories. So if your aim is to increase calorie expenditure through strength training, add more compound exercises like squats, bench press, deadlifts etc. Selecting the right training split: Training large muscle groups like quads and glutes burns more calories than working on smaller muscle groups like biceps, calves etc. Research done on eight different compound exercises showed that lower body exercises' energy cost was higher compared to upper body exercises (1). This doesn't mean that you should only train the lower body, but you shouldn't skip a leg day either :D . So your training split should create a right balance between upper and lower body routine. Increase the intensity: The above-stated research also showed that energy demands increased with increasing the training intensity. So, increasing the weight that you are lifting is also a good way to increase the exercise's energy demand. Add more training volume: More training volume means more calorie burn. Besides increasing the training load, one can also increase the number of sets or repetitions in an exercise to increase the training session's overall work. Add supersets/ drop sets: Adding drop sets and supersets is also a great way to increase training volume and energy expenditure if you are short on time. Reference: 1. Reis, V. M., Garrido, N. D., Vianna, J., Sousa, A. C., Alves, J. V., & Marques, M. C. (2017). Energy cost of isolated resistance exercises across low-to high-intensities. PLoS One, 12(7), e0181311.

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