How to improve your fat loss process?

Najid Sheikh

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Fat Loss
How to improve your fat loss process.

Let's assume you are eating everything as per your planned diet chart and giving your best at the gym. Now, is there anything which you can do to improve the process? Yes. You need to increase the activity you do apart from what you do at the gym. It's considered as NEAT(Non - exercise activity thermogenesis) This thing is usually ignored by many people who are trying to lose fat. They eat right and train right but since they are training hard they ignore the other activity that they should be doing outside the gym. There are certain things which contribute to your total energy burnt by your body in a day. Look at this below equation - TDEE = BMR + EAT + TEF + NEAT TDEE - Total daily energy expenditure BMR - Basal metabolic rate EAT - Exercise activity thermogenesis TEF - Thermic effect of food NEAT - Non - exercise activity thermogenesis This equation shows that if you increase any of the things mentioned in the right hand side of the equation,you will burn more energy and hence it can aid you in fat loss. Apart from NEAT ,rest are taken care through diet and training. So you should be focusing on increasing the NEAT as it makes a significant difference in TDEE. Several studies are in favour of increasing the NEAT for fat loss so let's make some changes in our lifestyle to increase it. How to increase your NEAT? There is a very simple solution. Increase the number of steps you take in the entire day and do everything you can to increase the steps as much as you can. Walk when you are on the call. Take stairs instead of lift. Take multiple short breaks to walk around the place. Do your own grocery shopping instead of ordering it online. (Add more ideas in the comment section to help other members of our Fittr family) You can use Fittr app or any other app to track your steps. Let's add walking 10k steps daily as a new year's resolution and unlike most resolutions let's make this one happen . Done? COACH - Sheikh Najid Siddiquee

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