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This is a very common scenario when people start dieting they follow everything for 5 days but overeating on weekends reverses all the progress. Let's consider one scenario in which the person's maintenance calories are 2200 kcal and he is eating 1800 kcal (400 KCAL deficit ) to lose weight.on the weekend the person eats 4000 kcal. (approx) this makes the average calories go above the maintenance 2400 kcal) which ruins all the progress made in 5 days.

Here what can be done is to start cutting calories for a week lets say 200 kcal per day. This makes it to 1400 kcal reduction in 7 days. Which means that the average calories for 14days becomes 1950 kcal (Approx) .Now this approach can be a good way to compensate the overeating happened on the weekend, however, one should not make it a HABIT. How to cut calories - 1. start with cutting the calories from fat as 1 gms fat has more calories than carbs and protein and with a small reduction in fat you can reduce a good amount of calories. Try to Keep your protein constant. for example - if I am having 4 whole eggs in my diet then I can increase egg white and reduce whole eggs - 4 whole eggs contain - 24 gms protein and 20 gms fat. The fat from eggs I can remove for a week (180 kcal) and can increase the number of egg whites to match up the protein.Make sure you take a minimum of 0.3gm/lb of fat in your diet and don't go below that.

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