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How to get back on track after a setback?

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It’s difficult, to start with a lifestyle change that we mull over for so long. It’s even more challenging to run with it consistently. But, the real slap in the face is when we screw it up by even an inch, and it seems impossible to start over again.

Oh, the courage we mustered to start a fit life! And now the guilt of dealing with a setback!Too much to take all of it in. And it often happens after a holiday, or a night out or maybe a diet break. You know why it happens? Because health and wellbeing have not been one of our core values. Else, we wouldn’t treat it as some periodic event. Let’s understand it better so that we can cope with it in the right way. * Realize that failure and setbacks are two different things: Setbacks – slipping up, distractions, giving in to cravings, laziness, etc. Failure – The decision that health isn’t worth the effort. If we understand this subtle difference, maybe we have a chance to rise again.
 * All or nothing attitude- we need to give that up: Either the whole meal plan with exact food items listed or a binge-fest. Either the entire week off or 7 days/week gym routine. You know this approach doesn’t work long term. I mean, if you write one wrong answer in a test, you don’t necessarily screw up the whole test on purpose! You do the next right answer. Same with diet and workout, you start off where you leave even when you deviate a little.
 * Embracing wellbeing as a core value of our existence: This body first, this mind first, this spirit first! Everything else comes later. We all talk about loving ourselves. And, how do we do that? By taking care of our wellbeing & by taking care of our health. We realize the importance of it every-time we fall sick, don’t we? 
 * Accept that long term plans are bound to go through ups and downs: You pick anything, be it a business empire, an athlete’s life or a musician’s journey. You will know that it has never been smooth sailing from day one to the present day. Your health will also see the compounded efforts of you being consistent. And that will include ‘setbacks’ every now and then. We all need to accept it.
 * Being aware of how energy balance works: Learning about nutrition will never cease to amaze you. You will get know how to compensate calories in case you are guilt-ridden of having screwed up your diet plan.
 We all crave for a life that we can enjoy right? And being fit equips us to do that. When it comes to fitness, we need is to etch this fact in our minds that ‘we are in it for life’. Things will get sorted then. Then we will realize that it’s not about that extra slice of pizza or a stirred martini, it’s more about working with the body and not against it. Then, we can’t go off track. Then, we won’t be afraid to start all over again.

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Extraordinary article.Much said in a few lines.-Mostly helpful for those who feel guilty for not staying on line or think its very difficult to bounce back.All said but the real purpose is to get back in action once again and being consistent.

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