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Exercise Science
Are you finding it difficult to increase the overall volume of workouts?

This can happen when you have time constraints or you get exhausted early in the gym. The Consequences of these two problems are - 1. You try to finish your workouts as early as possible 2. Even if you are completing all the sets but still not able to take advantage of full ROM (range of motion). Solution - Divide your workouts for each body part throughout the week. Specially separate the compound workouts and the workouts which requires a lot of energy. Like - Squats and Leg Press, Bench Press and Incline Bench Press, Deadlifts and Rack Pulls. For example - Let's say you do Legs🦵 only 1 time in a week. Now, what you can do is divide that on the first leg day you can do - 1. SQUATS 2. LUNGES 3. LEG CURLS on the second Leg Day 🦵, you can do - 1. Leg Press 2. Calf Raises 3. Hip Thrusts. What you did here is you gave rest to some muscle groups which were involved in the 1st Leg Day, hence on the second leg day, you can do the workouts with the same energy which will increase your total volume (assuming you are doing more reps). In this way, you managed to hit all the muscle groups for Legs, Likewise, you can divide the workouts for Back and chest as well. Research shows that if the frequency 🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️ of hitting a muscle group increase per week then it will increase the overall muscle growth

Khushbu Bansal Kandoi

so my legs and thighs are disproportionately heavy than my body .. so can I do these 4 times a week

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