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How to eat healthy while eating out

How to eat healthy while eating out ?

For some of us life is all about travelling, hosting / attending parties, enjoyment etc. So does this means you can never be on track? It's all about making healthy and educated choices. The food that is served in a restaurant or at a party does not have nutrition labels listing unlike when you are grocery shopping. So when you are dining out you may end up eating a lot of hidden calories. Hidden calories are those extra calories in most of the dishes that come from ingredients you may be unaware of. Many ingredients are often added to enhance the flavour, colour or texture of food like different types of seasonings, sauces, toppings or dressings. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and still be able to enjoy meals out here are some of the tips. Beverages : In my list of healthy beverages first comes water. Most of us like to order for Soda(which is just loaded with sugar) or milkshakes, or alcohol based drinks. Alcohol is more calorie dense than Sugar. It will give you 7 cals / g unlike sugar or protein which give 4 cals / g. Sparkling water with lime , buttermilk (salted) / jaljeera are the best companions. Appetisers : Start with a soup or salad. Vegetable based soups / lentil soups / clear broth soups and salads are good way to get some fiber and other nutrients in your meal. Crispy / deep fried or breaded appetisers should be avoided. Instead look for appetisers with fruits or fish or veggies in grilled or baked form. If you want to save upon your calories for the mains then you can simply skip the appetisers too 🙂 Mains : Look for the description of the food item which is generally mentioned along with the dish. Still if you don’t know what ingredients are used;better ask. Sautéed / Stir fried veggies, grilled meats, lentils, rice and whole wheat breads (roti) are the safest. Desserts : Avoid everything 🙂 finish off your meal with some good mouth freshener.

Prateek Gupta

Hi Sonal in the beverage section you mentioned to avoid alcohol as they are calorie dense. Just out of curiosity, was there any specific kind you were referring to, as in, scotch, vodka, wine, beer, etc.?

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