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HOW TO DEVELOP ANY HEALTHY HABIT ? 😎 Often I have seen many people cribbing over the topic, that I don't have such habit or I have never done such things ever in my life so not used to it. Some haven't tried it at all and some have tried once or twice and failed. Who do you feel is better here? The people who just didn't even think of trying or the bunch of people who at least tried 1-2 times and failed. I would definitely support the bunch of those who at least gave a try. Firstly let's understand what's a habit? Google itself says Habit is a 'Settled or regular tendency' which means that to adapt any habit you simply need to be regular with it. When you start failing several times, that's where you become more consistent than ever. That is the point where you start getting results which make you addicted towards the process. Let's understand how to develop any healthy habit? START WITH SMALL HABITS. -Always start with small habits which can be very easy for you to sustain. No need to rush for it by following someone. A simple example: If you are totally a beginner for a gym, instead of hitting the gym for 5-6 days a week, start slowly and reduce the frequency by 2-3 days a week initially and then gradually proceed ahead. This will help you to make it a habit for the gym by being consistent. SPLITTING YOUR HABITS. -As you grow, your consistency will definitely improve. Now you can start splitting your habits to maintain that momentum. A simple example: If you are wishing to do 50 pushups a day, try dividing first into 5 sets of 10 repetitions a day, then slowly to 2 sets of 25 and so on. This again helps you to develop a habit of performing that task at ease. GETTING BACK ON TRACK AFTER FAILURE. - When you start building a new habit, no matter how perfectly you try to follow, ups and downs are ought to happen. Even the biggest of the athletes face this issue, the only difference is they get back on track very quickly. ANALYSING THE PROCESS. - When you commit mistakes, that's the time when you understand what was exactly coming in your way. Try to find out what were the obstacles you faced during the process, note it down and try to find a solution for it. This will allow you to overcome your problems and make you more consistent with your habits. Understand, building a new habit is not that easy but if you follow it with small steps - one at a time, it becomes an addiction. So how do you manage to build any healthy habit? 🧐

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