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First, let's understand Dopamine -

It is a hormone which functions both as a hormone and a neurotransmitter and plays some important roles in the brain and body. it works as a neurotransmitter to send signals to different nerve cells. It is basically a reward-motivated behaviour and increases in response to most type of rewards. The brain also releases when we eat food that we crave for.The Sound , smell , taste , looks and feel becomes the motivational trigger and this also makes it easier to repeat this behaviour . Every time you eat the food you're craving makes it stronger than before. For example - when you eat your favourite food like Pizza / Burger , the sensors in your body reports back to the brain that this food is an awsome source of carbs/fats/protein and your brain remembers it by making careful notes about the taste, smell , look and feel of the box, colour etc. This makes it stronger every time you eat the same food. It becomes so strong with the time that even the smell of that food makes you go crazy. How to avoid the cravings then ? 1. Don't let it trigger and for that reduce the frequency of having that food that you crave for. Also try not to keep them in your house so that you stay away from that for most of the time. 2. Have enough protein - Having good amount of protein is associated with reduced cravings and hunger, in the study it was found that having a high protein diet reduced for cravings by 15% and daily hunger by 16%. Have some protein portion in each meal. 3. Make sure when you drink enough water and take fiber in each serving of your meal which helps with satiety and feeling of fullness and reduces the chances of overeating so that even if you are having the food you crave for, you can reduce the qty of having it. 4. Having your favourite food once in a while is also fine as long as you can keep a check of its calories intake. Remember it's not a particular food that can make you gain weight, it's the over eating that makes you gain. References - Wikipedia,

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