Shobith K Menon

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How to control midnight cravings ?

Dieting Psychology
Most of us stay up till mid night and crave for food even though after having a full fledged dinner. This is very common and can be sorted .

Here are the few pointers you need to take care of and work towards it . 🌑 Eat Enough During the Day 🌑 Include fiber in your diet. 🌑 Eat enough protein for dinner. 🌑 Reduce sugar and simple carbohydrates 🌑 Consider eating small meals throughout the day if you feel hungry frequently. 🌑 Have a healthy snack before bed which kinds of suffice your cravings . 🌑 Try to sleep as soon as possible. 🌑 Avoid using your gadgets before sleeping It can hamper your sleep . I hope this was helpful !! Thank you for reading .😀
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