How to control midnight cravings ?

Shobith K Menon

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Dieting Psychology
Most of us stay up till mid night and crave for food even though after having a full fledged dinner. This is very common and can be sorted .

Here are the few pointers you need to take care of and work towards it . šŸŒ‘ Eat Enough During the Day šŸŒ‘ Include fiber in your diet. šŸŒ‘ Eat enough protein for dinner. šŸŒ‘ Reduce sugar and simple carbohydrates šŸŒ‘ Consider eating small meals throughout the day if you feel hungry frequently. šŸŒ‘ Have a healthy snack before bed which kinds of suffice your cravings . šŸŒ‘ Try to sleep as soon as possible. šŸŒ‘ Avoid using your gadgets before sleeping It can hamper your sleep . I hope this was helpful !! Thank you for reading .šŸ˜€
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