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Exercise Science
A person who works with you one on one to guide you through the forms and techniques of different exercises which are scheduled as per your goal is known as a personal trainer. A personal trainer can provide his/her services in the gym, fitness club or a studio or even at home

Now let me highlight some of the issues with personal training in India - 1. Not one to one - Some of the fitness clubs/gym or personal trainer might sell you their package on the name of personal training but at the same time, they will be training 5-10 persons. There is nothing wrong about training with other people but its not personal training as the training program is not customized as per your goal and you will not get complete attention. 2. Lack of knowledge- Some of the personal trainers lacks basic knowledge of exercise science but that is not the biggest problem but the real problem occurs when they don't have any urge to learn also and even resist upgrading their knowledge. 3. Supplement salesman- Some of the personal trainer/gyms try to sell you all kinds of the supplement. In most of the cases, they are useless but have high margins of profit. It might be because of the low commission of personal trainers or other even other factors like- client curiosity to try something new. Paying extra for the services of a personal trainer is absolutely okay and worth it but paying unnecessarily for supplements that won't work does not make any sense You must have got an idea about what is personal training and what you can expect, now let's discuss how to choose the right personal trainer for you - 1. Working with you on one to one basis. 2. Complete attention to you during the session not scrolling through Facebook/Instagram feed 3. Not forcing you to buy any supplement. 4. Not selling you anything else than his services 5. Punctuality-Start the session on the scheduled time 6. Qualified in the field of exercise science. 7. Keep your injury-free by considering your past injuries or medical conditions. 8. Be clear about your goals. Let me know what topics you want me to cover next. Cheers!!

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very informative! thanks for suggesting us. could you cover a topic on Apple cider Vinegar and why it is so popular to consume while doing fat loss?

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