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How to choose the best diet

Dieting Psychology
===Which Diet is Best For you===

Often people come with this question that which diet is best to loose weight or gain muscle, is it LCD, HCD, Keto or any other diet. At this era of Internet, we have access to so many forms of diet charts or plans with so many choices of foods, sometimes it becomes confusing to choose from. Hope this article will help you to understand and clear your doubts. First you need to fix a goal. Fat loss and muscle gain won’t happen at the same time. For fat loss, you need to be on calorie deficit and for muscle gain, you need to be on calorie surplus, both combined with resistance training. So once you set your target, you need to choose your diet wisely which you can sustain for the long run. Any diet will work when you keep these three points in mind - CNS. It stands for Convenience, Necessity and Sustainability. Let me elaborate a bit on these points. * Convenience - you need to choose the food items which are convenient for you. Do not include foods which are difficult to find at times. When you are fat loss journey, you should find the foods which are easy to continue with. * Necessity - Necessity is another important aspect when it comes to find the right diet. Foods contain Protein, fat and carbohydrates which are important for us to sustain. Protein helps us to build muscles, where fats are important for absorb Vitamins and carbs provides us energy. you need to prepare diet in such a way which has a balance of all three macronutrients. * Sustainability - Choose a diet which you can sustain for a long run. This is the most important aspect when you plan a diet. If you are a person who has grown up eating rice, you should include that because it will make you sustain longer to your diet. When you choose a diet, first you need to understand your needs. Every individual responds differently, so a particular diet or diet strategy which has worked for someone, might not be useful for you. you need to be careful. Set the plan keeping these basic points in mind and your goal is just a step away.
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