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How to build a more appealing physique with the time and effort you already put in

If your fitness goal is look-oriented, in terms such as bodybuilding or even just desires to look more attractive/appealing to masses, chances are that you might have heard about proportions.

Proportions are different from male and female and are essentially forms, widths that signal our brains and tells us that someone looks pretty damn hot. Studies made on brain signaling tells us that the ideal shape for a male invlolves wide shoulders with a narrow waist and an overall muscular upperbody, whilst the ideal female look is more of an narrow upperbody, wide hips and thicker legs. With this being said, there are specific muscle groups that should be given more attention than others during your workouts, if looks is your goal that is. Here are a few considerations that our subconscious greatly appreciate: For males, - Start off by focusing more on the width of your shoulderspan, lats and medial deltoids, as well as posterior deltoids to give a nice flowing look to your arms. Mass is not as important on its own as width is. - Develop your triceps and upper chest as these are muscles groups that never can grow out of proportion, in contrast, biceps and lower chest will add a weird look to the physique if dominant. - Forearms and calves are hugely underestimated. When developed, these muscle groups helps to fill out the frame, especially for tall people with long limbs making them look less lanky. For females, - Keep the main focus on the lowerbody, develop good glutes and a nice set of legs. - Everything else is basically a bonus. If you got a decent bodyfat percentage you will be considered attractive anyways lol. At the end of the day it is all about how you want to look, and you should never let anyone else tell you otherwise. Feel free to share your thoughts and what is ideal for YOU!


Upper body. For me no matter what i do.. my arms are the toughest part to reduce fat from. Also my shoulders are broad, it’s like johnny bravo.😕

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