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How To Breathe Right While Lifting?

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How to Breathe Right while Lifting? 🏋🏻

Breathing plays a very crucial role when it comes to performing the workouts effectively, irrespective of whether you are running, swimming, or performing resistance training. That’s because taking in regular, deep breaths promotes the transfer of oxygen that powers the muscles. And, pushing out regular, deep breaths eliminates carbon dioxide! When it comes to heavy-lifting, especially while performing the compound exercises, the Valsalva Maneuver is among the most popular styles of breathing. The simplest explanation of the technique can be as follows: ● Take a deep breath before performing a repetition. ● Hold your breath, bracing your abdomen and rib cage muscle. ● Complete your repetition and exhale. ● Repeat the same for the desired number of repetitions Breathing techniques in Big-3 lifts under each repetition 🏋🏻 Squats: Pose facing the bar at mid-chest position. ● Dip under and put it on your back to unrack. ● Once you unrack and walk behind, settled to perform, take a deep breath. ● This will help you brace the abdominal wall. Holding your breath will also help you maintain spine neutrality. ● Perform the squat. Don’t exhale as you squat down or at the bottom of your squat. You’ll lose tension in your ribcage and abdomen. ● Exhale only when you come back to the starting position. 🏋🏻 Bench Press: ● Take a deep breath. ● Unrack the bar. ● Breathe out. ● Better to ask your partner for help in un-racking. ● Before you begin, take another deep breath. ● Perform the movement (reverse J pattern). ● Exhale when you are back to the starting position. 🏋🏻 Deadlifts: ● Take position (mid-foot). ● Take a deep breath and brace your core. ● Pull the bar by engaging your lats. ● Hold your breath through the movement. ● Exhale after you lower the weight back on the floor. Content by Praveen Budhrani

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Breathe in when weight is against gravity !

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