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How to breathe correctly while doing heavy squats ??

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How to breathe correctly while SQUATTING heavy ??

---------___--------___-----------___-------________ Breathing: it’s a very relaxing word. When WE think of breathing, WE think of yoga classes, meditation. However, breathing can help facilitate many different things…even intense workouts. Improper breathing technique can quicken fatigue, cause dizziness and increase your blood pressure, which can lead to fainting. By breathing correctly when lifting, you will likely have a higher degree of control and alertness during your exercise. But there is no study which shows that breathing alone will save your squats. You also need to make sure you have good technical lifting skills . All the exercises have two phases except isometric (holds) 1- Eccentric phase- lowering motion where you lengthen a muscle. 2- Concentric phase- Lifting/contracting motion where you shorten a muscle. When to inhale and exhale when you're ready to squats. 1- Inhale - Before the eccentric phase ,when you're completely ready with your stance and posture , take a deep breath in try to force your belly outward. 2- Hold the breath engage your core untill you reach the bottom . 3 - Exhale - Don't let that breath out untill you've nearly completed your squats.Then exhale and repeat. Keep lifting!!
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