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Sanity During Insanity!!!

Our mental health triggers with each little change that happens in the world outside. With so much uncertainty in the world today, let’s make it a point to take care of that important area of our life too! 5 tips to maintain mental health during quarantine: 1~ PRACTICE MINDFULNESS Mindfulness is an act of being in the "now". Be aware of what you are doing Stop thinking about your past and worrying about your future... BE IN THE PRESENT. Focus on what you’re doing. Multi-tasking is overrated! If you’re listening to someone, focus all energies in listening, listening to understand, not just to respond! Savour the food that you are eating. Remember our ancestors telling us to chew 20 times etc? The whole idea was not actually the number of times we chew, but the fact that we would be focussed on the food if we’re counting. Avoid reading/TV/Phone while eating. This will also ensure you don’t overeat (Calories still matter- quarantine or not!!!) Enjoy the process- whatever you’re doing. Focus on what is happening RIGHT NOW. 2~ PRACTICE GRATITUDE When we’re in difficult situations, what brings us down is not the situation but the lack of perspective, losing the ability to view all the good that’s happening in our lives. Hence, begin today….rather begin NOW! Make a list of things you are grateful for. Have a gratitude journal and review it the first thing every morning. Begin the day on a positive note. Read it aloud or even better, write it down each day. (..psst..writing down is more effective) “THANK YOU” is a magical word (remember Munna Bhai MBBS?) Say it as often as you can and MEAN it…and FEEL it everytime you say it. Practicing gratitude indirectly adds up to being “mindfully optimistic” throughout the day. Also, it ensures the blessings keep flowing in. No one would want to extend hand to an ungrateful person. Make it a habit 3~ EXCERCISE Exercise kaise karenge? Lockdown Bro! Well News Alert!!! Exercise doesn’t just mean going to the gym or going for a run! Practice being more active.. • Dance to your favourite tune • Expose your self to sunlight and fresh air by just stepping out in your balcony (Did you know decreased sun exposure has been associated with a drop in your serotonin levels, which can lead to major depression?) • Do body weight workouts • Just climb the stairs if u have access to it. (maintaining social distancing of course) Do whatever you love which can keep you active! (Fit mind resides in a fit body) 4~ MEDITATE When I say Meditate – don’t picture yourself sitting in a lotus position or chanting any mantras Meditation simply is sitting or standing or lying still, its important to be physically still so that you can still your mind. Stop the thoughts running at 1000 mph and give the most important part of your body a break! A good way to meditate is by practicing deep breathing... try to breathe slowly n steadily. Focus your mind on one positive thought. Eg : think about a happy moment n try to relieve it Alternatively, Plug in your head phones. Listen to a soothing music / binural beats etc 5~ FAKE/FORCE A SMILE This is one of my favourite methods to get myself happy..:and has worked with most of my clients too... Smiling is a general universal sign of being happy There are numerous studies showing that forcing a smile will help trigger more happy thoughts or feel happy... Fake smiling will trigger your mind to be happy and others around you too.. Adding to this, if u can connect your smile to a happy memory it will work even better.. And always remember... you have to be mentally healthy to be physically heathy and vice versa.. Stay Safe Stay Sane Stay Strong!!! We’re all in this together

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