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Dieting Psychology

What's the toughest part when it comes to following a diet plan? Lacking consistency is the most common issue which maximum people face these days resulting in failure. You can follow the best diet in the world but if you are not able to be consistent with that plan you are not going to achieve your goals anyway. Let's talk about some simple hacks which will allow you to be consistent with your plans and adapt it as a lifestyle. 1. MEAL PREPARATION. Meal preparation is one of the best methods which saves your precious time and efforts throughout the day. You can either do it early morning or night before depending on your schedule. Also, make sure the quality of food is not disturbed if you are preparing your food well in advance. 2. SMART CHOICES IN RESTAURANTS. I have seen many people getting confused while ordering foods at restaurants and ultimately they choose to quit the plan in guilt, then to continue for the next day. Even if you eat one meal at the restaurants, try to get back on track the next day, that's more important. You can always go with approximations and try to figure out the calories and macros while eating. A smart choice is key at such times. 3. KEEPING IT SIMPLE! There's no need to become a MasterChef every single day and try innovative stuff if you are not good at it. We have a lot of people who are experts and experienced in cooking and they keep on posting amazing recipes on our 'Fittr- Anytime Anywhere' app. Go to Fittr app > Social > Recipes column for some yummy recipes with all the macros. 4. GOOD AND BAD FOOD. Understand, food is emotionless, there's no such thing called 'GOOD FOOD or BAD FOOD. The only difference between foods is some may have a good nutritional value than others. Figure out what foods will give you a good nutritional value and adjust them in your macros. 5. AVOID OVER RESTRICTIVE DIETS. There's no need to follow over-restrictive random plans from the internet. The simple key to fat loss is calorie deficit so stick to the basics and proceed ahead with your transformation. So what is your strategy to be consistent with your nutrition plan? 🧐

Amit Deshmukh

very informative article. loved reading it. look forward to applying it in day to day.

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