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How to balance the calories on a single day fasting

How to balance the calories on a single day fasting?

Let me explain to you with scenario-based examples: Example: Let’s say you have a daily caloric intake target of 2000kcal, and you have to fast one complete day without any food item or very less food item. And say the food items sum up to 500kcal, technically you are under a deficit of 1500kcal for that particular day. Scenario 1: You may divide the remaining 1500kcal into small portions for upcoming days. Example: 2000kcal + 300kcal for upcoming 5 days & the calories would be balanced. OR Scenario 2: If you are very confident and sure about the number of calories that you would be consuming while on fast, you may have slightly more than the daily caloric intake target few days prior to the fast. Relating to the same example again, assuming that the fast is on day 6, you may have 2300kcal for 5 days & be on 1500kcal deficit on the day of fast. Take away points: >> Plan smartly before starting the fast. >> Split and add calories smartly after the fast. >> Try to have at least BMR calories aiming for minimum 1g protein per kg body weight, anything over 1g/kg body weight is a decent amount. >> If your can take liquids during the fast, keep yourself well hydrated by drinking more water, you may have tender coconut water (natural electrolyte) & whey protein shakes. >> If you are doing 12 or 16 hours fasting, try to cover the left-over calories in the feeding window. >> A single day’s serious deficit will not lead to any muscle loss or fat gain. >> Do not let fasting deviate you from your goals. >> The strategy that we are implementing in both the scenarios is Caloric balance over a week’s diet. >> To keep a track of calories that you have consumed, you may use Fittr app to log in the values in diet tool.

Ranveer Wadia

Thanks Khushal... it’s really helpful. Please confirm what about workout?? How the workout should be on the day of fasting and next?? Or shall we skip the workout either anyone of above day

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