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How to approach skinny fat condition to bulk or to cut first?

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2 WAY PROCESS :- It means that unlike underweight or overweight people where its either bulk or cut respectively a skinny fat will need a combination of both over a period of time planned strategically. So yes it will take more time than usual for skinny fat to get out of that condition. YOU CAN EITHER BULK FIRST OR CUT FIRST :- If you bulk first you will definitely gain muscles at better rate compared to on a slight deifficit phase but there will be fat gain as well and you belly fat will become a bit more pronounced during this phase. If you can bear with it for time being than you can put on some good quality mass. The catch here is not to get overly fat or go so overboard that you start becoming obese. If you cut first you will look a bit more skinner but once you drop the fat you can start with surplus again and in a controlled way while keeping check on your fat levels. If you decide to cut first just make a small deficit don't make too big of a deficit since you already have very less muscle mass to begin with. 200-250 cals below current maintainance* keeping protein intake optimum as stated above in post. BE CLEAR TO CHOOSE ONE GOAL AT TIME AND COMMIT TO IT :- You want to bulk first then bulk , you wan' t to cut first then cut but stick with one goal for time being don't hop in between cut and bulk as that way your progress is going nowhere at all. FOCUS ON GETTING STRONGER IN YOUR LIFTS:- Your aim here should to be build as much muscle as possible so follow a good structured program and aim for getting stronger in your lifts ( this will be a proxy for your muslce building process ) WEIGHT TRAINING >> CARDIO :- Always number 1 priority should be weight training and little cardio for conditioning purposes.

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