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How Social Media is fooling You

But I will never have a physique like you .

Recently I was having a talk with one of my clients and he during the talk he told me casually that I can never have a physique like you . I asked him what was the reason you think so or what made you said that . To which he replied that I saw your phootoshot pictures on instagram and they are incredibly good . It kept me thinking for a while that how few things can ruin people’s expectations just by some social media pictures. Later that day I explained him the whole procedure what goes behind that shoot and that so called good physique and i would like to put my thoughts here in this post. Lets Start with the diet part . Around the last few weeks you are at very low calories . You’ll feel cranky , upset , mood swings , starving and even the smell of foods would make you mad . Your hormones will be all time low . Doing a simple task would make you feel tired let alone going to the gym . If you think we look mascular all the time you can see the image no 3 that was just taken 2 days before the shoot. Your Clothes that used to fit so well won’t look good on you anymore . People around you will call you sick , skinny , pale and what not . Basically we don’t look like the images from the shoot *all the time* The 2nd image was taken a day before the shoot without any filters and you can see how much it is different from the photoshoot image . Surprised , Right ? Some Reality check : Now here is the actual scenario . We take almost 500 photos and from that we choose the best 15-20 photos that we can post on social media . The photos are taken under the best lighting ,a coat of tan after waxing the body. After dozens of photos , the best ones are picked for editing and these finally get posted everywhere. Please do understand that I’m not demotivating you or stopping you from getting a photoshoot done or even stepping on stage. Sure do it because you like it .But when you see the photos of any celebrity on social media or any in any magazines they are very selected and higly edited. Sure you can get inspired from them but you should also know what goes into it . Also, rather than comparing our journey with someone else , we should compare our journey with ourself . Are we better than what we were 1 year back ? Have we gained more strength ? More muscle mass? Are you looking better than before ? Are your clothes fitting you well ? If the answer is yes then well, keep going.

Aras Gaurav

very nice and eye opener facts you have shared.. thanks..

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