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how muscles are built

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How muscles are built ?

====================== Have you ever wondered ,how muscles are built or why they grow at the first place ? Here is the answer, When the rate of muscle protein synthesis is more than the rate of muscle protein breakdown i.e when there is positive nitrogen balance in muscle tissue. Positive nitrogen balance means when the nitrogen intake is more than its output and that can be achieved by when there is microtrauma in muscle fiber followed by supercompensation recovery Sounds little technical? Let me give you a simple analogy, let's say you appear for a competitive exam and have not prepared for it and in the exam, most of the questions were too difficult for you. Then you planned to reappear but this time taking learning from the previous experience and studied properly - Voila, you cleared that exam but now you have to appear for mains and again the same thing happened, the question was too difficult, Again you prepared well and cleared that and it goes on. Here exam is the workout session, preparing well for it is a recovery When you do weight training exercise, you are putting load on the muscle and that load might be unfamiliar to it and there is damage to muscle fibers but to get ready for the next session, body tries to build even stronger muscle fiber to tackle that much load but that can only happen if there is proper recovery. It's also a type of adaptation and that's why you need to increase the load/weight lifted overtime to tackle that adaptation

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