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How much weight to lift ?

Exercise Science
First question asked by every beginner at the start of their fitness journey is how much weights to lift for a start and how to lift heavier 🏋🏻‍♂️? I ask you question, what do you concentrate on when you learn to drive a car🚗 ? Do you concentrate on how to drive car in fast speed ? No, you learn how to drive a car with proper technique that too in dead slow speed, as you master driving with constant practice you really don’t have to focus on increasing speed you easily progress from 20 km/ hr to 100 km/ hr without any special training or efforts!

What’s the point ? Point is when you start lifting just concentrate on learning correct form of exercise! Don’t worry about how much weight you are lifting let it be lightest weights available, once you master the form, weight will gradually increase over the period of time and sooner than you realize you will be lifting heavier loads which looks like a impossible task at the start 😊 #fitnessjourney #beginnerworkout #fitnesscoach #workout #fittrcoach #twars #transformationchallenge #howtogetfit #howtolift #correctform

Sharanya Narayanan

should we lift heavy or light to build lean muscle mass..? I'm always confused between heavy weights/low reps and light weights/high reps.. what exactly endurance means? being able to do same no of reps for all sets with same weight or being able to lift weights with much stamina?

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