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This is one of the common questions clients ask, but let me tell you, weight loss differs from individual to individuals according to their goals, lifestyle, dedication, consistency, and many other factors. Firstly, we need to understand how much weight a person has to lose. It's pretty obvious that someone who wants to lose 30kgs will take much time than someone who wishes to lose 15kgs. But again, if the person who wishes to lose 15 kgs is inconsistent with his eating behaviours and workout patterns. On top of that if his stress levels are on higher side and sleeping habits are improper and with the person who wishes to lose 30kgs is totally dedicated towards his goals with proper quantified nutrition, perfect training regime, good sleeping habits, he can lose weight a little quicker. Secondly, weight shouldn't be the only way of tracking. There are so many people who have lost a good amount of inches and changed their overall body composition without changing their weights. So is that bad ? No, not at all. They have transformed themselves into a stronger, fitter and leaner version of themselves and managed to keep their muscle mass intact. In the end, they look visibly great. If you walk in public, and if you look super fit, no one is going to ask you about your current weight, that's where we talk about perfect body composition. But after explaining so much, there will be a group of people who will ask about ideal weight loss in a week. So here's the general answer, anywhere between 0.5-2kgs per week is a good amount. But again this isn't going to happen in a linear way if you are losing just water weight and not your fat % that's not worthy at all. So the bottom line is, Focus on your goals and your consistency, just because someone lost weight little faster as compared to you it doesn't mean that you will lose at the same pace. Instead of your weight focus on improving your overall body composition which will enhance your overall appearance. So are you just depending on your weight or focusing on your overall body composition? 🤓
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