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How much weight loss in a month ?

It’s a common question that we always come across with the mentees

Coaches are equally concerned about the results. Hence they are always on their toes. Few suggestions for mentees 1.Trust your coach he will do his/her best to ensure you get best results 2.Follow the instructions sacrosanct as given by the coach 3.While fixing a goal be realistic, fix it basis your current fitness levels 4.Keep small weekly goals and as fitness levels increases raise the bar 5.Measure your food quantity as this will keep your macros in check 6.Take quality sleep ideally 7-8 hours. Say no to mobile , laptop or TV 7.Drink plenty of water ideally 3-4 ltrs. Try using herbs and spices to have some variety like jeera , ajwain , mint , lemon , coriander etc 8.If getting too much stress try relaxing it for some time. Like dancing , listening to music , meditation etc 9.Give your 100% effort to achieve the set goal, don’t cheat in between consult your coach if craving for any specific food item. None goals are impossible it all depends on our determination #fitnessgoals #fittr #squats #weightloss #fittrforher #shivanijotwani

Shivani Jotwani

Ruchi,you can even add them in water and give one boil,it is homemade green tea

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