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"How much weight I will be losing in 12 weeks?"🤔🤔

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How much weight I will be losing in 12 weeks?

This is one thing we all want to know while starting our fitness journey. Its important to set a target, it keeps us focussed. But your target should not be time bounded. One should not expect a particular number of kilos he or she will be losing, as fat loss depends on so many factors. You can lose 10 kilos or even more than that, or you can lose just 3-4 kilos. Here are some factors on which your progress depends: 1. Your efforts: If you really want to achieve your goal of a desired body, stay focussed and consistent. Remember, each day is important. 2. Metabolism: We generally spoil our metabolism through our lifestyle and eating habits. So if you are not losing weight or inches in the initial weeks, it does not mean its not meant for you. It means you need to be consistent to fix your metabolism to lose weight. 3. Diet history: Your progress depends on the quality and quantity of food you used to eat. If you are the one, who have been eating too less, say about 800-1000 calories, and you start your diet at 1500 calories, which is again a deficit, you might not lose weight. This does not mean you will reduce your calories further. Try to make your body adapted in higher calories. Eating too less or eating too much junks and having very less water intake slow down the metabolism. Fix them up, even if it takes time. 4. Medical history: A structured diet with adequate macronutrients and workout helps in improving your health and balancing hormones, which effect fat loss. 5. Sleep time: If you are not taking proper sleep, your efforts will go waste. Try to take atleast 7-8hours of sound sleep in a day. 6. Stress: Taking too much stress leads to imbalance of cortisol hormone, which is a stress hormone. It impacts blood sugar level, thyroid function, lowers our metabolism and effect our fat loss. So, one cannot decide in advance, how much weight he/she will be losing in a particular period of time. Start your journey, set a target and stay consistent till you reach your goal!

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