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How much water do you need?

Our body is about 60% water. We need water for every body function, including digestion of food, absorption, and transport of nutrients, excretion, and protecting and lubricating the joints. Thus, it’s essential to maintain sufficient hydration.

You may have heard that eight glasses of water each day is the best, but the truth is there are no “one-size-fits-all” recommendations for hydration. The amount of water an individual needs depends on environmental conditions, physical activity, body size, gender, medical conditions, etc. Thus, water intake should be individualized. Here are the recommendations from WHO [1] For sedentary individuals living in a temperate environment: 2 to 4L daily For individuals who are physically active and/or living in hot temperature zones: 4 to 16L* daily. *Estimated from food and electrolyte balance studies of soldiers engaged in intense activities in very hot/ arid climates References: Grandjean, A. C. (2005). Water requirements, impinging factors, and recommended intakes. Nutrients in drinking water, 25.
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