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How much Volume is too much volume?

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How much volume is too much volume?

MUSCLE BUILDING SERIES By Praveen Budhrani Volume is known to have a positive relationship with hypertrophy. Theoretically, volume is nothing but the total amount of work done. As a formula, it is represented as “Sets X Reps X Load”. However, a more practical and traceable proxy that you can use is look at the hard “working sets” performed. The correlation between volume and hypertrophy is actually an inverted “U-shaped” curve. This implies that after a limit, more volume does not equal more muscle growth! While most people will find a sweet spot in the range of 12-18 sets per week per muscle group, however, there is no upper cap to how much volume a person should do. There are factors that dictate the upper limit of volume before which the decline starts: Training Experience Exercise Selection and Body part How the volume is being distributed throughout the week (Frequency) One can keep juggling between high volume and low volume training period, aligning to their short term and long term goals. Further depending on their body’s response in the form of muscle soreness and performance, one can increase or reduce the volume suitably. Tricky Test: What is the formula for calculating volume? Reference:


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