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How much sodium is good ?

🧂Studies have associated excess salt 🧂 with hypertension (high blood pressure).

🧂 But salt (sodium) is an essential mineral; its consumption is critical to your health. The problem is when you consume too much and too little 🧂 Salt reduction is important for people with salt-sensitive hypertension, and excess salt intake is associated with harm. But drastically lowering salt intake has not shown uniform benefit in clinical trials. Most people will benefit more from a diet of mostly unprocessed foods than they would from micromanaging their salt intake. For Infants 🧂. Sodium Intake 0-6 mo ~0.12g/d 6-12 mo ~0.37g/d For children🧂 1–3 y ~1.0g/d 4–8 y ~1.2g/d For male Adults🧂 18 - 50 y . ~ 1.5g/d 51 - 70y . ~ 1.3g/d 70y and above ~ 1.2g/d For Woman🧂 . 18 - 50 y . ~ 1.5g/d 51 - 70y . ~ 1.3g/d 70y and above ~ 1.2g/d I hope this was useful 🧂. Thank you and have a great day ahead!! References : Webster JL, Dunford EK, Neal BC. A systematic survey of the sodium contents of processed foods . Am J Clin Nutr. (2010)

Ambadas Mahenderkar

Wouth this change based on body fat ? Especially for minimal water retention while flaunting perfect abs ? What is the variation that proves the best in such scenarios ?

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